Snow Drags

Racer info

All snowmobiles must be mechanically safe. Belt guards, snow flaps, panels and hood must all be intact. Riders must wear full safety gear including long sleeve coat, long leg pants, gloves and full face helmet.

Single eliminations

40$ to register, 25$ for each additional higher cc class you wish to enter
2strokes can enter their CC class and any class higher
2 strokes can not enter in 4stroke classes & vise versa
Non turbo 4strokes may enter in the turbo 4stroke class
Open class allows any CC, 2 or 4 stroke to race
Buy backs; 10$

Registration; 9am to 12pm
Radar runs; 10am to 12pm
Racing begins at 1pm.


Snowmobile MUST have original OEM  frame, engine, suspension, fuel tank, body air box, seat.
Snowmobile must run on pump gas with a maximum octane rating of 92.
Exhaust system must be stock from OEM including can. Muffler and silencers must be intact at all times.
OEM reeds and reed block ONLY.
Primary and secondary clutch internals may be modified (helix, springs and weights only).
Drive chain sprockets may be changed. Drive belts do not need to be OEM.

Shocks must remain OEM. Any ski is allowed in OEM style. Rear suspension must be OEM.
Studs not including chisels will be allowed.

600CC – 0 TO 600
700CC – 601 TO 700
800CC – 701 TO 800
1000CC – 801 TO 1000

Any engine is allowed. Must not exceed displacement limit for the class.
Aftermarket Pipes, reeds, clutches, intakes, carburetors, heads, ignition All Allowed
May run any octane fuel rating.
All studs are allowed including Chisels.
600CC – 0 TO 600
700CC – 601 TO 700
800CC – 701 TO 800
1000CC – 801 TO 1000

Same rules as Stock Class NO TURBOS ALLOWED

Any CC 4 stroke snowmobile with aftermarket turbos and modifications

Any machine over 1000 CC
Turbo and non-turbo 4 stroke machines
Any CC improved and stock machines

Radar Runs

Before racing starts. 50/50 pot to the sled with the fastest pass

Spectator info

We invite anyone to come check out the racing. Spectator entry is FREE and greatly appreciate donations for future racing. Kids under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Spectator specific parking will be available. We will be serving food and hot beverages from Tim Hortons.  We hope you have a great day!